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Companies need experienced help to develop a plan for a crisis, test the plan, and/or have the leadership to take them through a crisis. The Hopgood Group, LLC can develop that plan for you.
Focusing on the Right Project
1. Board Leadership for the Company in Crisis provides a manual of steps to prepare for an unknown crisis as well as first day and continuing steps.

2. Crisis consulting, interim CEO, board member or board Chair of troubled companies.

3. Board Leadership as a Board Chair, Financial Expert, Chair of Nom/Gov, Strategy, and/or CEO search

4. International experience.

Why Our Help Is Real
25 years of experience with troubled companies in variety of industries
Turnaround CEO of two troubled companies
Turaround Chair of both public and private companies
Corporate Governance and Bankruptcy expert
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Who We Are
The Hopgood Group, LLC is a consulting company founded in 1985, assisting a variety of clients in working through difficult situations including federal investigations, liquidity issues, leadership changes, re-structurings, and product issues. We have taken a variety of roles including Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Board member, consultant, and expert witness. Our clients have included Fortune 50 companies to small-cap public and private companies and have included companies with foreign subsidiaries, franchisors, manufacturers and a variety of industries.

We are able to effectively identify risk and plan for risk mitigation and crisis planning. Or we can step into a crisis and assist in working it through to resolution.

The founder, Suzanne Hopgood, co-authored the award winning "Board Leadership for the Company in Crisis".

Board Leadership for the Company In Crisis
Winner of the Burton Legal Writing Award from the Library of Congress, this handbook guides corporate directors through the kind of planning that can save valuable time and minimize damage when trouble does arise.

Co-authored by
Suzanne M. Hopgood and Michael Tankersley

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